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    HP Envy 5540 is an All-in-One-Printer which is designed as an inkjet multifunction. It is primarily for home use and capable to print, scan, copy and print through cloud and directly from mobile devices.

    Some of its basic features are:

    • Printing
    • Copying
    • Scanning
    • Have 2.2. inch front panel touch screen LCD
    • Menu with assortment of templates stored for the printouts
    • Capable of printing on graph paper and music papers


    123.hp.com/oj5540 can be connected to USB Wifi and Directly with Wifi. Hence, it is compatible with all types of devices with any mode to connect either with cable or USB.

    The 5540 can take benefit of HP's Instant Ink program. In that they let you print a few number of pages per month for a flat fee, but charge extra for additional pages if the limit the number of pages is reached at any point of time.


    123hpcom setup envy5540


    Step 1: Take out the printer from the box and remove all the packing material.


    Step 2: You should also remove the sticker from the printer control panel for the best installation outcome.


    Step 3: Then lift up the scanner lid and remove all tape and packing materials from the scanner glass. Now close the scanner lid.


    Step 4: After that one should open the ink cartridge access door with the help of two fingers under one or both of the small handles on the sides of the ink cartridge access door and then gently lift it up.


    Step 05 : It is advised to remove all tape and packing materials from inside the printer. It will give you enhanced printouts.


    Step 06: Now you should close the ink cartridge access door.


    Step 07 : Clutch the handle on the bottom of the paper tray, then drag to open the tray.


    Step 08: Now lift up and pull out the output tray, then remove all tape and packing materials from the photo tray.


    Step 09: After the paper tray being pulled out, push in the photo tray.


    Step 10: Now slide out the paper width guides, and then remove all tape and packing materials from inside the paper tray.


    Step 11: After that one can easily replace the output tray on the paper tray, then push in the paper tray until it locks into place.


    Step 12: Check the contents of the box and make sure that you have removed all hardware and materials from the box before discarding or recycling the box.


    Step 13: The contents varies from country to country and region to region. Therefore it is better to check the contents from the packaging to know the exact list of items shipped in the box.


    Step 14: Now the user should connect the power cord and set the required preferences. Then Plug the printer into a power source, turn on the printer, then select the language you want to display on the control panel. It is advisable not to connect a USB cable at this time. The printer at this time would connect the USB during the software installation.123hpcom setup envy5540


    Step 15: After that connect the power cord to the rear of the printer and further plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.


    Step 16 : Hence turn on the printer. Take the preferred languages from the control panel and press OK button for the printouts. Also specify country/region on the given prompt and then touch OK.


    Step 17: Now install the ink cartridges that are included in the box along with the printer. Install the ink cartridges that are suitable for the given printer or else it will not give you the desired printouts.


    After installing the cartridges on the printer it is all set to give you the printouts. Follow the steps religiously to get the best results. 123hpcom setup envy5540

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